PlayPlay is an online video creation tool, made for social media needs. It enables users to produce high-quality videos in minutes, without the need of editing skills. At Playplay, I created the design of several templates and animated them. This page features generic templates made to be used by all our customers.

Previous add made by Daria Gushchiana and Aude Laurent.
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Credits: Header video : Mikhail Nilov, Pexels // Cybersecurity picture : Andrew Neel,  Unsplash // Cloud computing picture : @sigmund // Robotic Automation picture: Possessed Photography, Unsplash // Bill Gates : GettyImages // Conference program : // Agenda picture : Thom Bradley, Unsplash // Mockup phone: conversation background: Eva Elijas, Pexels - Chilli picture: and Eat Love Eats 
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